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Lib Dem Councillors Call for Clifton Parking Fines to be Annulled

Liberal Democrat councillors Christian Martin and Barbara Janke have today demanded that any residents in Clifton who are hit with parking fines caused by delays in the Clifton Village Residents’ Parking Scheme should have their charges cancelled.   The pair’s request comes after the recent announcement that the roll out of the Residents’ Parking Scheme […]

100 days to give European Green Capital to Bristol’s people – Martin

Below is an article written by Cllr Christian Martin, originally published on the Bristol 24-7 website: Yesterday marked 100 days until Bristol officially becomes the Green Capital of Europe. Councillors, businesses and the public have, however, been kept in the dark. Many residents have complained that they have not been told anything about the next […]

Guest Blog: Rob Pickard on Law, Civil Liberties, and the need for a ‘Digital Bill of Rights’

The fiasco of WikiLeaks brought into sharp relief the tension between individual liberties and national security. Securing the well-being of the nation was utilised to full effect when justifying GCHQ’s activity. However, democracy – as an ideal – rests upon the State acting within prescriptive boundaries and as such there needs to be a legislative […]

Councillors and public kept in the dark over the Green Capital – Martin

Liberal Democrat Cllr Christian Martin has this morning (Tuesday 23rd September) been questioning the funding and lack of information given to residents over Bristol’s status as the European Green Capital on BBC Radio Bristol.   Cllr Martin, councillor for Clifton East, said:   “We’re kept in the dark where the Green Capital is concerned. Let’s […]

An Open Letter to the Mayor of Bristol on the Arena

Dear Mayor, I write in response to your comments in the Post referring to my fellow Liberal Democrat councillors who are seeking to understand the budget for the Arena project.  Can you please explain why you see no difficulty in spending £83 million of capital while cutting £90 million of revenue? The £83 million is […]

Giving Bristol Council responsibility for the Independent Living Fund would benefit those who need it most

The Lib Dem Council Group proposed an amendment to a motion on the Independent Living Fund (ILF) at Full Council (on Tuesday 16th October), welcoming the decision to transfer ILF funding to Bristol City Council, which would give current users the support that allows them to fulfil their potential. The ILF provides money directly to disabled […]

Bristol Ageing Better funds can help tackle social isolation – Morgan

Bristol Lib Dem Cllr Glenise Morgan (Henleaze) has written to Bristol City Council to ask that the city’s major lottery bid success from the Ageing Better Fund be used to help tackle social isolation more generally. She wrote: This is great news and I would like to offer my warm congratulations to all those who worked […]

The ‘Henbury Loop’ is an essential component of the MetroWest scheme – Negus

Yesterday at Full Council (Tuesday 16th September) Cllr Anthony Negus submitted a statement on the ‘Henbury Loop’, which states:   I am very concerned that our ability to achieve a strategic objective for rail travel in Bristol, as part of the overall MetroWest scheme, is now at risk from the attitude of a major local […]

Holding the mayor to account over his RPZ proposals – Martin

Earlier this week (on Monday 15th September) Cllr Christian Martin, in his capacity as chair of the Place Scrutiny Commission, called the mayor to come and answer questions specific to his response to the Working Group Report on RPZ. Below are some of his opening remarks at that meeting:   This is an unprecedented session […]

The mayor needs to get a grip on the Arena’s finances – Hopkins

Lib Dem Group Leader Cllr Gary Hopkins has today urged the mayor to ‘get a grip’ on the finances of the Bristol Arena.   Cllr Hopkins’ comments echo the words of his Lib Dem colleague, Cllr Tim Kent, who recently raised concerns over the council’s parking projections for the Arena. Cllr Kent has said that […]