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Lib Dem Councillor calls on Bristol schools to support ‘Run on Sun’

Lib Dem Councillor for Kingsweston, Tim Leaman, has written a letter to the Bristol Post in support of a campaign to increase awareness of solar energy in schools. He said: At the mayor’s Cabinet of Tuesday 7th October I supported the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels for council owned buildings. Liberal democrats have consistently […]

‘The Mayor’s Cabinet is the new Emperor’s New Clothes’ – Negus

Liberal Democrat Cllr Anthony Negus has today (Thursday 16th October 2014) called into question the legitimacy of the mayor’s Cabinet after revelations that council officers were no longer consulting on important decisions.   Cllr Negus, councillor for Cotham ward, said:   “The introduction of the mayoral system into local government in Bristol has had unintended […]

Lib Dem Councillors urge the mayor to be bolder with solar power

Cllr Tim Leaman and Cllr Anthony Negus have both pledged their support for the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels for council owned buildings but urged the mayor to go even further. The pair submitted statements to the mayor’s Cabinet on Tuesday 7th October in response to a report on ‘Community Investment in Renewables’. Cllr […]

Lib Dem Councillors welcome increase in availability of short breaks for carers

Cllr Clare Campion-Smith and Cllr Glenise Morgan (Henleaze ward) have welcomed the decision to increase the the availability of short breaks for carers and families of disabled children in the city at the mayor’s Cabinet on Tuesday 7th October.   Their joint-statement was in response to a council report on short breaks for disabled children […]

‘You could not make it up’ – Hopkins

It has now been confirmed that the extremely expensive taxpayer paid contract of Kris Donaldson, the Chief Executive of Bristol Green Capital, has been terminated.   Liberal Democrat Group Leader Cllr Gary Hopkins has responded to the rumours. His comments have been reported in Bristol 24-7 and you can read his full comments below: “The […]

‘For the Good of Our City, the Mayor must Sort out the Green Capital Shambles’ – Hopkins

The Leader of the Liberal Democrat Council Group, Cllr Gary Hopkins, has today written an Open Letter to the Mayor of Bristol, urging him to get a grip over the finances and governance of the European Green Capital. He has said he will be forced to discuss the matter with the council’s independent auditors if […]

’20mph speed limits are a benefit in residential streets’ – Martin

Lib Dem Cllr Christian Martin has today (Tuesday 30th September) defended 20mph speed limits in residential roads on the John Darvall show on BBC Radio Bristol.   The Liberal Democrats passed a motion at their Autumn Conference in 2012, which called for all roads in new residential developments to have a speed limit of 20 […]

Lib Dem Councillors Call for Clifton Parking Fines to be Annulled

Liberal Democrat councillors Christian Martin and Barbara Janke have today demanded that any residents in Clifton who are hit with parking fines caused by delays in the Clifton Village Residents’ Parking Scheme should have their charges cancelled.   The pair’s request comes after the recent announcement that the roll out of the Residents’ Parking Scheme […]

100 days to give European Green Capital to Bristol’s people – Martin

Below is an article written by Cllr Christian Martin, originally published on the Bristol 24-7 website: Yesterday marked 100 days until Bristol officially becomes the Green Capital of Europe. Councillors, businesses and the public have, however, been kept in the dark. Many residents have complained that they have not been told anything about the next […]

Guest Blog: Rob Pickard on Law, Civil Liberties, and the need for a ‘Digital Bill of Rights’

The fiasco of WikiLeaks brought into sharp relief the tension between individual liberties and national security. Securing the well-being of the nation was utilised to full effect when justifying GCHQ’s activity. However, democracy – as an ideal – rests upon the State acting within prescriptive boundaries and as such there needs to be a legislative […]