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Bristol City Council phone contracts costing taxpayers millions

Bristol taxpayers have forked out nearly £1.5 million in two and a half years for council workers to be issued with smartphones, including 639 IPads, 1190 Blackberries and 4431 other mobile phone devices. Since the mayor was elected in November 2012, the use of Council owned mobile phones has cost the taxpayer £1,012,769, whilst Blackberries […]

Lib Dems Launch Environment Manifesto

The Lib Dem Environment Manifesto – published Sunday 26th April – sets out a Liberal Democrat programme of delivery for the next five years and beyond, building on the Five Green Laws which are highlighted on the front page of the Party’s 2015 General Election Manifesto.   The proposals will stimulate more green growth, improve greener […]

‘Bristol Energy will deliver more choice and put more money back in people’s pockets’ – Hopkins

The Liberal Democrats have thrown their full support behind the Council’s new energy company, Bristol Energy and Technology Services Ltd.   Councillors from all parties met on Wednesday 22nd April to discuss the company’s progress. During the meeting councillors were informed that they would not be allowed to scrutinise the project due to ‘commercial sensitivities’. […]

Our Manifesto for Cycling

The Bristol Lib Dems have drawn up a cycling manifesto to address a real need in Bristol: for a healthy, flexible and low carbon way to get about a growing city that we all also want to remain liveable. This has been drawn up by Ian Townsend, local council candidate for Cotham ward in the May […]

‘Tick Tock’ The deadline to vote in the local and general elections is TODAY!

The deadline to register to vote in the general and local elections, which take place on Thursday 7th May, is today. It is easy to forget to register to vote but it is now easier to do so than it has ever been before. You used to have to fill out a paper form, sign […]

In Support of Restorative Justice – Martin

Cllr Christian Martin has submitted a statement to the next Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Commission meeting on 16th April in support of restorative justice. Membership of the Commission is made up of all political parties and it reviews the Council’s work on matters such as health, sports and leisure. Cllr Martin’s full statement is below: I am […]

Mayor ‘fed up’ with Lib Dem councillors asking him questions

In today’s Bristol Post the mayor has said he is “fed up with the Lib Dem tactic of dominating councillors’ question time”. The story can be found here. Gary Hopkins’ full comments in response to the mayor’s accusations are below: “It seems odd that the mayor is complaining about Liberal Democrat councillors asking too many […]

‘Dementia is one of the greatest public health challenges we face’ – Aabe

Ashley ward candidate Nura Aabe has submitted a statement regarding the Council’s Dementia Awareness Programme, to be heard at the next People Scrutiny Commission meeting on Monday 13th April. Membership of the Commission is made up of all political parties and it reviews the Council’s Education and Social Services. Nura Aabe’s full statement is below: I am […]

‘Protecting the Environment is in the Lib Dem’s DNA’ – Martin

Liberal Democrat councillors have set out a clear plan to clean up the city’s streets and put in place extra protection for residents by prioritising tougher enforcement action by council officers.   As Chair of Place Scrutiny Commission, Lib Dem councillor Christian Martin has held an Inquiry Day to look into the massive problem that […]

Liberal Democrats will invest £3.5bn in mental health care

Liberal Democrats have this week released their ‘Manifesto for the Mind‘ and said they would spend £3.5bn more over the next parliament on mental health care in England.   The funding would be spent on revolutionising children’s and adult mental health care, including: £250m over five years for pregnant women and mums dealing with depression. […]