Lib Dems welcome news of 20mph pilots in Bristol

Bristol Liberal Democrats have welcomed the news of 20mph pilots in Bristol. The Liberal Democrats have long campaigned for 20mph speed limits in residential areas both locally and nationally.

Nationally, Liberal Democrat Transport Spokesperson, Mark Hunter said (29th Oct 2008) “We have long been calling for it to be made easier for local authorities to introduce 20mph zones in residential areas. I hope that the Government listens to today’s report and allows local councils to say that 20 is plenty.”

It was also in the Bristol Lib Dem manifesto at the 2007 local elections.

Cllr Jon Rogers (Ashley), Liberal Democrat Transport Spokesperson said:

“We all want to promote safe neighbourhoods and 20mph residential streets can offer a real solution.

“We need to involve residents in discussions about the proposals, including which roads should be excluded and whether the boundaries are right for the pilot. Any plans need to be worked on freely and openly with residents, businesses, cycling, motoring and pedestrian organisations.

“There are potentially huge benefits from introducing such a scheme in Bristol residential areas. They include improved health, less pollution, reduced KSI (killed and seriously injured) as well as leading to happier and more friendly streets based on Josh Hart’s work and others.”